Crusaders Quest Battle Interface Overview Edit

  1. Character Status - Displays information about the heroes in your team.
  2. Detailed Information - Displays how much damage and healing was dealt. Can be disabled in settings.
  3. Rewards Menu - Shows what rewards you have achieved. You can also pause the game.
  4. Goddess Skill Gauge - Fill this up by using skills to be able to use goddess skills.
  5. Skill Block Interface - Tap on a skill block to use the skill. Combined skill blocks have greater effects.

Basic Attacks Edit

All heroes on the team will automatically carry out basic attacks in battle. This attack does not grant any SP, and does not add to the goddess skill gauge.

Basic Attacks can:

  • Critically Strike, dealing double damage.
  • Deal neutral damage, which cannot be blocked.
  • Apply lifesteal, which gives a portion of damage done to your hero's HP.
  • Deal physical or magic damage based on class.
    • Warriors, Paladins, Archers, and Hunters deal physical damage on auto attacks.
    • Priests and Mages deal magical damage on auto attacks.

Block Skills Edit

Each hero has a block skill. Some of the heroes share a block skill, while others do not. You can use up to 3 skill blocks at once. Combining skill blocks will make the skill stronger. All blocks will have the same 1 and 2 skill block chain, while the 3 block chain will deal more damage, extra range, or some enhanced effect. More skill blocks will also increase the amount which is filled into the goddess skill gauge.

The use blocks will also give the corresponding hero SP. This will only occur if the hero is at least 3 star and has a special skill. Every block will grant 20 SP. Therefore, you need to use 5 blocks to get 100 SP. When the SP gauge reaches 100, a special skill block will be spawned.

Special Skills Edit

When you reach 100 SP, a special skill block will be spawned. Using this special skill block will not grant any SP, but it will fill the goddess skill gauge. Certain skills such as Energy of Goddess can increase SP.

Goddess Skills Edit

To use goddess skills, the goddess skill gauge (No. 4) has to be filled up. You can store up to 3 uses of the goddess skill at once. To fill the goddess skill gauge, you have to use the block skills by tapping on them. If multiple skill blocks are used at once, they will fill the gauge faster.

Armor/Resistance Edit

The calculation for the damage taken is done with the following formula: $ Received Damage = Raw Damage * {287/(287+Armor)} $

  • Armor is used to block physical damage. Resistance is used to block magical damage.
  • Armor and resistance penetration work as a subtraction operation on the value of "Armor" variable on the equation (same applies for resistance). The variable cannot be smaller than 0.
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