"Legendary heroes grow steadily from 1 Star to 6 Stars. Legendary heroes' average stats are 15% higher than that of Normal and Master heroes of the same rank."

There are only two ways to obtain Legendary Heroes (with the exception being Leon, for whom you only need to complete the dungeon to receive his 1-star form, as his 2-star form is given at the start of the game).

The first is by clearing the final floor of Ancient Dungeon. There is a small chance in obtaining the hero upon completing the final floor, but it is not guaranteed. The only guaranteed way to get a Legendary Hero is to fill the Destiny Points bar beside their name. It takes 100 Destiny Points to receive a Legendary Hero, and DP are randomly distributed either one or two points at a time to either Hero upon completion of the dungeon. Given the slim chances of acquiring these heroes and the immense amount of farming it takes to receive one, make sure you have a team or teams that can clear the respective dungeons quickly and with ease.

You get 1 Legendary Hero per successful run. Heroes obtained from Ancient Dungeon start out at one star.

You can receive as many Legendary Heroes as you'd like by recompleting these dungeons, yet the process remains the same.

The second way to obtain a Legendary Hero is to purchase one from Bridget's Shop in the Store for 1500 Bridget Points. The Hero selected comes in their base form, at one star.

The Legendary Heroes and their dungeons are as follows:

Warrior Leon Skilled Leon Famous Leon Leon of Destiny Leon of Fate Leon of Light
Rochefort Libertine Rochefort Romantic Rochefort One-Eyed Rochefort Musketeer Rochefort Victor Rochefort
Paladin Kriemhild Cursed Kriemhild Kriemhild of Misfortune Kriemhild of Massacre Kriemhild of Protection Kriemhild of Oath
Roland Strong Roland Monk Roland Shining Roland Roland of Justice Roland of Honor
Archer Sigruna Sigruna of Endeavor Sigruna of Spirit Expert Archer Sigruna God Archer Sigruna Demon Archer Sigruna
Demona Demona the Fiend Demona of the Pit Demona of Revenge Demona of Dawn Demona of Primal Flames
Hunter D'Artagnan Hunter D'Artagnan Musketeer D'Artagnan D'Artagnan of Loyalty D'Artagnan of Faith D'Artagnan of Iron Will
Teresa Poor Teresa Runaway Teresa Redeemed Teresa Calvary Teresa Night Witch Teresa
Wizard Dorothy Genius Dorothy Genius Witch Dorothy Purple Light Witch Dorothy Red Witch Dorothy Black Witch Dorothy
Cano Top Student Cano Beautiful Cano Transformed Cano Popstar Cano Magical Girl Cano
Priest Maria Sister Maria Mother Superior Maria Saintess Maria Saintess of Salvation Maria Savior Saintess Maria
Melissa Crusader Melissa Melissa of the Wilderness Melissa of Truth Wandering Melissa Black Sister Melissa

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