Deck the Halls Deck the Halls
Class:   Warrior  Warrior      Type: Physical attack
Main Effect Strikes the frontline with a Christmas tree, dealing physical damage equal to (56/178/322)% of the hero's attack power. It also fills your heart with cheer.
Description A Christmas tree is called from the sky and strike anything directly in front of the Hero.

Chain-1 and Chain-2 summons a regular Christmas tree, with a short range, hitting only enemies in the frontline.

Chain-3 summons a bigger Christmas tree, with a slightly wider range, possibly hitting up to enemies in the middle.

Heroes With This Skill

See Category: Skill Carrier: Deck the Halls

Skill Users Passive Effect
Snowman Using blocks increases attack power by (100/100/200) for 5 seconds. When allies uses chain-3, the next Deck the Halls will be counted as chain-3.