.Holiday's Nightmare is a limited dungeon available to players during the Christmas season for 2 weeks. During this time, players are able to play three levels in which the first time completion awards with Gold (4500), Bread (2-4 star), and Jewels (1) on B1, B2, and B3, respectively. After which, completion offers a chance at getting a holiday boss character you fought on that floor. On B1, there is the Holiday Snowman and A.K.A Santa. On B2, there is the Bear Guy and the Green Elf. And on B3, there is A.K.A Rudolph and Santa Claus. All of which are obtainable in this dungeon and it's easier part, Holiday's Dream. Make sure to bring a male and a female (at least one of each) to be able to conquer this dungeon, as each boss goes for the opposite gender they are. For instance, Santa will be immune to male heroes and only female heroes can attack him on B3.

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