Popo and Toto

Meow! Hello! My name is Popo, meow! And she's Toto.

Traveling Merchants Popo & Toto Edit

Traveling Merchant/Cat Girl Popo is a merchant. She can be found randomly while clearing stages. After she is found, she is available in town for 15 minutes. When her 15 minutes are up, she will return to the field and her inventory will reset.

Popo Stage

When Popo and Toto (her pet) are initially seen, they will be shaking and hiding in the background. After Popo and Toto are rescued, they will run towards town.

Popo Town

After being rescued, Popo is found on the right side of the town before the portals.

Item gold costs can be reduced at the expense of one jewel; however, this will only reduce the price of a single item by 30%.

Popo's Wares Edit

Cat Girl Popo

Popo sales screen.

  • Weapons (up to 6 star)
  • Bread
  • Honor
  • Colosseum tickets
  • Dungeon keys
  • Specific Master hero contracts
  • Specific 3-star hero contracts

Tips Edit

  • Use discretion. Popo's wares can be expensive and not worth the gold. However, several items are worthwhile: tickets, keys, (some) hero contracts, and Christmas cakes (seasonal).
  • The bargain option costs a single jewel, but this is a risky gamble as the bargain will only take off 50% of a random item's price. Using jewels to buy gold would be a much better choice.
  • Now that you can watch cutscenes to bargain, it is recommended to watch the cutscenes as it only takes around 30 seconds for a decent discount.
  • Popo and Toto appear more frequently in difficult levels, so if you're trying to find her, go for a harder level. In harder levels she will have a higher chance of selling colosseum tickets (due to the high demand by strong players).

Trivia Edit

  • Popo wears different costumes depending on which level you encountered her on. Eg: If encountered in Episode 7, she and Toto will be wearing knight armor.
  • Popo and Toto received a visual update sometime between 2016-2017, where she is more upright and energetic looking.
  • Popo is a cat-girl while Toto is a deer-dog
  • Buying out all of her wares earns you a Monument called VIP Membership.
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