Resources are in-game items and currencies that are used to advance heroes and weapons, as well as enter different areas of the game.


Bread is a resource primarily used to train heroes. Bread can also be sold for gold. By default, players can hold up to 30 pieces of bread at a time. This limit can be expanded 10 at any time for 3 jewels.


Gold is one of several in-game resources.


Honor is status property of player. Honors can be earned and consumed.


Keys are used in this game to access dungeons, Each dungeon requires a certain amount of keys (often requiring 2 or more) to enter.


Meat is a resource that is used to enter Quest stages, similar to energy or stamina in other games.


Milk is consumable item in game. Effect of this item is help player to earn extra exp for a certain period of time.

Crystal is a material for forging Soulbound weapons. There are different form of crystals (powder, shard, and crystal)


Iron is a material used to craft Soulbound weapons.


Jewels are an in-game currency that have several uses. Jewels are available as an in-app purchase currency for Crusaders Quest, though there are other ways to obtain them as well.

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