1.9.7 Update Patch
  • Difficulty of Hard Episode 5 has decreased, though the reward amount has increased.

- Every monster's health, including the boss’s health, has been reduced by 15%.
- There is an increase in the amount of gold dropped, as well as in increase in the ranks of the bread and weapons that are dropped.

  • Hero Balancing:

- 6★ Vane the Dark Knight's SBW’s (6★ Tyrfing of Annihilation) damage calculation method has been changed.
Before: During the SBW effect, ‘the damage +45%’ is focused on the big pillar (Damage’s 337.5% as neutral damage) instead of the small ones that chases the enemy.
After: Now the 45% buff is applied to small pillars that chase the enemy (217.5%, 5 times). Total damage done is the same, but since its accuracy has increased, it will be better to use.

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