6/1/17 Patch Notes

A Fiery Experience in the new 'Legend of Primal Flames' dungeon!

The jungle path to the top is rough and dangerous, but it will lead you to the mysterious Primal Volcano. At the Primal Volcano, there lies a mysterious energy: The Power of the Primal Flame.

  • 'Legend of Primal Flames' dungeon is comprised of 14 stages.
  • You will enter the jungle or the volcano route depending on which path you choose from the stage.
  • Different monsters and rewards will appear depending on the selected location in the stage.
  • Meet hidden monsters, or receive additional rewards in each unique path.
  • Acquire 'Essence of Mana' and 'Essence of Flames' by playing 'Legend of Primal Flames' dungeon.
  • 8 new rings are added to the 'Legend of Primal Flames' dungeon.

"My Preciousss..." A new Ring Transmute System.

  • A new Transmute feature to change the ring option by using 'Essence of Flames' and 'Essence of Mana'.
  • Earn the Essence of Mana by extracting the rings. A ring that is extracted will be destroyed.
  • Additional Essence of Mana is given upon extract Great Success.
  • Transmute ring options using the Essence of Mana.
  • Transmute ring option levels to Superior by using Essence of Flames.
  • Number of Essences necessary for option and level transmute differs by ring level.
  • Number of transmute limits differs by ring level.

Can't Die Like This...!

  • When some of the heroes with a resurrection feature revives with the priest's special skill, 'Resurrection', it would no longer reset the existing resurrection cool time.

Catch all the bugs crawling around the Chocolat Bakery!

  • Fixed an issue where additional rewards are not given even after guarding the Crystal tower from 'Fortress of Souls'.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soulbound weapon tutorial is being replayed endlessly, preventing progress.
  • Fixed Dullahan’s Head showing up as the Avatar of Protection when using Spirit of Protection
  • Fixed Yang and Blake’s passive ability attack damage that was unavoidable
  • Fixed Jack-O’s passive attack was not immediately exploding
  • Fixed Weiss’s invulnerability passive that was not wearing off
  • Fixed Manacar Void’s cube that was annihilating all parties even when properly destroyed


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