6/29/17 Patch Notes

Hungry Hungry Fergus! Are you the crusader who can satisfy Fergus’ appetite?

  • The judges consider not only the damages caused but also other various conditions that please their appetite. Try different strategies and see what influences the results.
  • Depending on the final score, a league is determined. Rewards are given based on the league.
  • When you participate in the event more than a certain number of times, we are giving out Event Rewards.
  • We are giving out gifts for 7 days in the name of the Crusader with the highest score.
  • If reached to the Master level with certain combinations, you will be inducted into the Hall of Masters. Try with many different combinations of heroes! The most recent 300 combinations will be staying in the Hall of Maters.
  • Fergus and his friends have 20 different reactions depending on the score. Don’t miss out!
  • Demeter, Dox, Archon and Shermie cannot participate.

Bridget now sells ‘Special Contracts.’

  • ‘Special Contract’ functions the same as ‘Premiun Contract.’
  • '10 Special Contracts' function the same as ’10 Premium Contracts.’
  • However, once ‘Special Contracts’ are on sale, Heroes on a special event with increased chances will only be achievable via ‘Special Contract’ and ’10 Special Contracts.’
  • Heroes have same chances to appear in ‘Premium Contract’ and ’10 Premium Contracts’ regardless of the on-going events.
  • Bridget sells ‘Special Contracts’ and ’10 Special Contracts’ only when there is a special event to get certain heroes with increased chances.

Chocolat is always hardworking to fight off the “bugs” from her sweet baked goods.

  • Fixed an issue with critical chances increasing up to 12.1% when changing ranks of '(Old) Hades’ Blessing’, (Old) Hades’ Grace rings.
  • All ‘(Old) Hades’ Blessing’, (Old)Hades’s Grace' rings with 12.1% critical chance will be all changed to 13% after the maintenance.
  • Fixed the problem with close combat heroes’ attack distance issue.
  • Hikari’s Wind Arrow animation was not spinning and is now fixed.
  • Archer class heroes’ facial expressions now change correctly.
  • Ramlethal’s cape is now moving correctly.
  • Rings are arranged depending on the kind.
  • During the Berry tutorial, images of Berries are now displayed correctly.
  • Some heroes skills and Souldbound Weapon skills were not evadable and are now fixed.
    • Fallen Throne (★6 Abel SBW) HP damage
    • B. Sworden (★4~6) 'Flaming Spirit Sword' damage
    • Black Tiger Divine Sword (​★6 B. Sworden SBW) 'Black Shadow Tiger Sword' damage
    • Rochefort (★4~6) 'Hawk Flight' armor damage
    • Victoria (★6) 'Flag of Victory' armor damage
    • Oar of Yggdrasil (★6, Drake SBW) Wave attack damage
    • Thor (★4~6) 'Rage of the North' HP damage
    • Vane (★4~6) 'Pilar of Hell' Neutral damage
    • Limitless Divine Sword (★6 Mundeok SBW) Resistance damage
    • Roland (★4~6) 'Guardian of Light' Damage
    • Roland (★6) 'Brilliant Flash' Stun attack
    • Gleaming Radiance (★6 Roland SBW) Resistance damage
    • Jin-Kyung (★4~6) 'Ornate Warfare' HP damage
    • Altair (★4~6) ‘Mark of the Moon’ of 'Beloved Moonlight' damage
    • Crow (★6) 'PD-CROW' 2nd explosion damage
    • Aria (★4~6) 'Luminous Starfall' damage
    • Resistance damage upon using Paladin Special Skill ‘Soul of Defense’ again. '수호의 혼'
    • Bihyeongrang (★6) 'Incarnation of Vaisravana' Neutral damage
    • Nurspy (★4~6) 'Nurse Dispatched!' damage
    • Nurspy (★4~6) 'Poison Prescription' Neutral damage
    • Sie Kensou (★4~6) 'Choukyuu Dan' damage
    • Meat Dumpling (★6 Sie Kensou SBW) 'Sen Ki Hakkei' Neutral damage
    • Terry Bogard (★4~6) 'Power Geyser’ HP damage


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