Patch notes 02/21/2018

We are merging Normal mode and Hard mode of Ep. 1-4 together, which is the biggest change of the update. We hope this will help new Crusaders to proceed faster to Season 2.

  • Hard mode of Ep. 1-4 will not be available.
  • Due to the stage merging, quests, cutscenes, and balances are adjusted accordingly.
  • The numbers of waves in Forest and Desert stages are changed to 3 waves (1-23 Stage) and 4 waves (Final Stage.)
  • Fortress of Souls (Deep Sea-1 Clear) Exploration (Volcano-1 Clear) unlock conditions are updated.
  • And other gameplays in the beginning (shorter tutorial, etc) are renewed.
  • If you are in the middle of Hard Mode, please know that the rewards for the Hard Mode Chapter clears are now combined with the Normal Chapter clear rewards, so you won’t miss out on them!

A lot of UI/UX updates for your convenience!

  • A visual effect is added when receiving a Contract in Mailbox. Furthermore, purchased items that come through the Mail will have a Mail icon next to them for easy understanding of where to find the purchased items.
  • When Auto Lock is on, the first obtained hero/Soulbound Weapon are automatically locked.
  • In Inventory> Items menu, a confirmation pop-up is added when using a Milk of Growth. Also, the remainder of time for the Milk of Growth being used will be shown in Town under Account Information.
  • When appraising an Unknown Ring, the ring will remain in place until you leave the window and come back.
  • For Quests, confirmed/refused quests will have ‘?’ and ‘!’ icons respectively.
  • Some of tooltips are aligned in the center. (Hero Tome>Details, Hero Select Coupon, Hero>Hero Info, View Friend’s Hero>Hero Info, Hero Select Coupon, Legendary Hero Contract.)
  • Mailbox now has 4 categorized menu of [Mail, Resources, Items, Treasures] Bread menu is now located in Items and you can receive all items at once.
  • Boss Monster Sigils now have a unique design to them.
  • UI for Inventory > Item menu will be improved. (Scrollbar, Sigil level display, and View background setting added)
  • System announcement will not be displayed in Whisper in Chatting. In system announcement, hero’s promotion information will not be displayed. The font color of Heroes and SBW in chat will be changed.
  • Berry tutorial will start in a different point of the game play. For those of you who haven’t seen Berry tutorial will see it when entering Berry tab in Items>Growth menu.

There is new darkness lurking and threatening the peace of Hasla!

  • 5 New Weekly Quests added!

Better and Nicer Help Menu!

  • Touch ‘?’ button anywhere in Hasla to check out the help you can get!

New Illustrations for two awesome heroes! (Plus, a little improvement.)

  • New illustrations for Lorelei and Shasha
  • Frame is deleted and zoom-in is added in viewing illustrations in Illustration, Hero Info, Champion menu.

Brand-new items at Bridget’s Shop! Check out 2 new package items. Plus, now you can purchase as many Support Hero Packages as you want!

  • Meat Party Pack (Max. 3 purchases per account)
1,800 Meat+120,000 Gold
  • Inheritance Pack (Max. 3 purchases per account)
3 Books of Inheritance+55 Jewels

The Spring is Here!

  • The beautiful season has arrived in our Hero town as well. Enjoy the blossoming flower!

Attendance rewards are updated so you can be even stronger!

  • Buff items for 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd are changed to ★5 Battleloids.

New looks for the new year! Check out the skins Bridget is introducing!

  • What if Shasha was the trendleader who knew all the hottest places of Hasla? “Hipster Shasha”
  • The best knight of the empire and the advisor of the Emperor, Schula also once used to be a strong young woman. “Lady of Steel Schula”
  • When things are tough, remember that the victory will be yours if you never give up - just like it was his. “General of Victory Hansung”
  • Don’t try to blend in. You gotta be yourself to be remembered. “Punk Luicilla”
  • The wise Otter used to be a young innocent pup, too. “Baby Otter”
  • WELCOME ABOARD! “Cabin Boy Seimei” is here for your journey.
  • What’s up with Dox this time? Well, that puppy face is cute as always anyway. “Flower Dog Dox”
  • Beatrice must have loved flowers just like any other little girls before she sacrificed herself to fight off all demons. “Blooming Beatrice” is here to celebrate Spring!

Grow your Champions more easily. Heroes’ support EXP is increased and unlocking heroes are now easier. Check out the new rewards as well.

  • Legendary Heroes’ Support EXP increased
    • ★4 : 130 > 135
    • ★5 : 160 > 170
    • ★6 : 230 > 250
  • Promotion Heroes’ Support EXP increased
    • ★4 : 30 > 35
    • ★5 : 60 > 70
    • ★6 : 130 > 150
  • Contract-Only Heroes’ Support EXP increased
    • ★4 : 400 > 450
    • ★5 : 430 > 500
    • ★6 : 500 > 600
  • Limited Heroes’ Support EXP increased
    • ★4 : 200 > 250
    • ★5 : 230 > 300
    • ★6 : 300 > 400
  • Now you have better chance to get higher grade heroes in Support Hero Contracts.
  • Force supply rewards are updated. Now you get 4 Force Supply Boxes and 1 Book of Inheritance instead of 5 Force Supply Boxes.

You deserve better rewards for defeating World Boss!

  • (Except in Manacar) Gold does not drop in World Boss anymore. However, Gold remains as rewards for failing the stage.
  • Higher grade weapons drop with better chance in World Boss. (Except in Manacar)

Buffs/debuffs of heroes will be displayed clearly when being used.

  • Buff icon issues with some heroes were corrected.
  • Visual effects are added to make it clear when certain heroes’ debuffs are used.


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