New Dungeon

New Legendary Hero

New Content

New Item

  • Destiny Point
    • When you don’t get a Legendary Hero in last floor of each stages of ancient dungeon, you may possibly collect Destiny Points. Upon collecting all the required amount of Destiny Points, you can trade them in to get 1 Legendary Hero that is available in the stage. Get better chances of acquiring Destiny Points in the Dungeons by purchasing new Shop Item, Potion of Destiny (2 Hours) for 5 Jewels.

New Quests

  • In each Hard Mode chapter, more than 10 NEW quests have been added!

Training Ground has been found! You may obtain a lot of Honor in the Training Ground, which is located in the Ancient Dungeon. We heard that monsters in the Ancient Dungeon don’t take damage below a certain amount! So make sure to punch them in the face with a high burst of damage!

New Function

  • In addition to Facebook, you can now share your accomplishments via Twitter as well.
  • You can now refer your friends with the Friend Recommendation System! Recommend a friend to play the game! If they use your code, they will get a prize!

Bug Fixes

  • Vaccine-A Vaccine-T, Soulbound weapon of Nurspy is not triggering effect has been fixed.
  • PVP statue has returned, and the top 3 PVP players from last week (Ashervan, apu99, gfchan) should now have their rewards.


  • Dionne's (Goddess) skills have been rebalanced. Upon using The Raging Storm after an attack, the precision of enemy attacks has been changed from 70% to 50%. Also, Dionne's skills will have a cool down.
  • Fortress of Souls
    • floors 1-4 have been balanced. Rewards have increased, and Boss stats have decreased by 20%-30%.
  • Cheaper bread means less gold spent!
    • When training a Hero, if the level of the bread is low, then gold cost of training will be low as well. Compared to before, gold price for bread can be as low as 80% of the original cost.
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