This page is about trivia and fun facts of Crusaders Quest.

Character Name 编辑

Legendary Heroes 编辑

  • Leon: Widely used name of a hero.
  • Kriemhild: Main character of the epic poem in Middle High German "Nibelungenlied". Unlike the poem, Kriemhild in CQ is female.
  • Sigruna: Inspired by Middle High German "Nibelungenlied". But there is no character named "Sigruna" while there are "Sigmond" and "Sigurd."
  • D'Artagnan: Main character of "The Three Musketeers"
  • Dorothy: Main character of The Wizard of Oz."
  • Maria: Inspired by "Saint Maria" in the Bible.

Warriors 编辑

  • Joan of Arc: French Heroine of the Hundred Years' War during medieval times.
  • Susanoo: God of Japanese Myth.
  • Monte Proto: Inspired by French novel "Le Comte de Monte-Cristo."

Paladins 编辑

  • Thor: God from Norse mythology.
  • Achilles: Character in Greek mythology.
  • Drake: English sea captain "Sir Francis Drake."

Archers 编辑

  • Hanzo: The 16th century Japanese ninja "Hattori Hanzō."
  • Robin Hood:  Heroic outlaw found in English folklore.
  • R-9999: Inspired by The King of Fighters character, "K9999."
  • Giparang: Main character of ancient Korean song "Songs in Praise of Giparang (Chan Giparang Ga)". In CQ, he is lover of Yeowoodong.

Hunter 编辑

  • Spyro: Inspired by the character in Team Fortress 2 "Pyro."
  • Sneak: Code name of main character in Metal Gear Solid.
  • No. 9: Inspired by upcoming game "Might No.9."
  • Red Hood: Inspired by the folklore "Little Red Riding Hood."

Wizards 编辑

  • Archon: The title of chief magistrate of ancient Greek.
  • Sasquatch: Another name of "Big foot."
  • Alice: Main character in "Alice in Wonderland."

Priests 编辑

  • Mew: Inspired by the onomatopoeia "meow."
  • Nightingale: Well known English celebrity "Florence Nightingale". She is the founder of modern nursing.
  • Yeowoodong: Inspired by temptational female of ancient Korea "Eowoodong". In CQ, she is lover of Giparing.
  • Woompa Woopa: Inspired by the title of another game from NHN Entertainment, "Wooparoo Mountain."

Fun Facts 编辑

  • In CQ, Yeowoodong and Giparang is a lover. But historically, there is no common lifetime between them.
  • You can find funny weapons like:
    • Frozen Tuna (sword)
    • Cat Pillow (bow)
    • Unbrell Gun (gun)
    • Firm FishingRod (staff)
    • MagicGirl Staff (staff): It looks like star wand in "Cardcaptor Sakura"
    • Simya Noodle (orb)
    • Mouse Bear (orb)
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